I can act as a Catalyst for your new venture.

I can act as an Coefficient for that missing piece in your equation.

I am a Freelance Web Developer.

I can work in full-stack applications as well as front-end applications.

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Technologies I have worked with,

LAMP Stack
Applications based on L(Linux)-A(Apache)-M(MySQL)-P(PHP)
MEAN Stack
Applications based on M(MongoDB)-E(Express.js)-A(Angular)-N(Node.js)
Ecommerce based website with viability to customise to any of our needs
The most flexible and comprehensive CMS present in the market, for that down to the core customisation
The go-to CMS platform for multiple organisations with simplicity and user-friendliness as it's biggest selling point
Most comprehensive Ecommerce platform on the market, upscaling the application based on traffic is it's strongest value above all
Strongest platform for building responsive and good-looking Front-end applications
Best suited for front-end applications that is more complex and requires working with a lot of ever-changing variables

Domains I have worked on,

  • Portfolio/Business Websites
  • Ecommerce Platforms
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Tools
  • Organisation Internal Management Tools
  • Logistics (Last-mile Delivery)

What I Offer?

How to rely on me for your growth?

Express your requirements
Express your requirements to me

Paint a picture using your words so I can comprehend your expectations

Choose a Technology-Stack that is most-suitable for you.

I’ll recommend one after gathering your requirements, but you can always make the call on which technology stack we should use

Get a Quote from me

It will be based on effort and time that I have to spend on your solution

Get a prototype or POC from me to make the final call

A POC (Proof of concept) is where we can rectify any wrongly understood requirements by me and not only that you can as well get the idea of how the end-product might look like

Confirm the Technology-Stack and the Quote

We would have discussed both of them with me by this phase of the project before we proceed further.

Start project!
Start project!

And periodically get updates from me until you are satisfied and I’m done with my tasks at my end.

Maintenance and Fixes

Minor fixes and issues with my work can be updated once you go live for up to 3 months. Maintenance also will be provided for first 3 months at no extra charges.

Why choose me over all other alternatives

  • I keep things simple and transparent. You will only hear me saying yes, when I know for sure I can do it. When your requirement is more than that I can handle I'll either take time to educate myself or openly admit that what you are asking is beyond my expertise.
  • I follow my own timelines very stringently, I'll finish the tasks at hand at said time and follow up with you from the previous conversation and always be aware of where the project lies and how much more effort and time will be needed to put in.
  • My charges are visibly less than an alternate solution provider (A company or a freelancer) with skill-set as wide as myself.
  • If not satisfied at any point in time during the development phase, you can get back the advance in full amount that you paid while the work was started.

For Startups?

The way I deal with Startups and Why I prefer working with Startups:

- Startups come in with a very fresh set of ideas and real-world situations.

- There is nothing more that excites me than working on a fresh concept and figuring out challenging solutions for achieving the target.

- My commitment to this attitude is also reflected on how I charge for Startups and me willing to start the work even without an advance payment.

- If you are a financially struggling Startup, I can wait up to 1 year for you to settle my bills.

My Billing Calculator

1) Business Website

Item Total In Numbers Price per Item (in INR) Total (in INR)
Homepage 2000 0
Every Additional Page 750 0
Forms 500 0
Dashboard* 2000 0
Total Amount

* Dashboard will be a requirement to manage pages and forms.
    - It is also useful to view submissions for the forms.
    - A mockup confirmation will be made as well and depending on that pricing may vary.

2) Ecommerce Website

Item Total In Numbers Price per Item (in INR) Total (in INR)
Homepage 5000 0
Every Additional Page 750 0
Total Products 250 0
Forms 500 0
Dashboard** 5000 0
Total Amount

** Dashboard will be a requirement to manage products, orders, customers, pages and forms.
    - It is useful to view new orders, new customers as well as submissions for the forms.
    - A mockup confirmation will be made as well and depending on that pricing may vary.

INR.300 per hour

Do not hesitate in reaching out to me!

Email Me! or Text Me On Skype!

Hire Me!
  • 20 Hours per Week : INR.6000
  • 40 Hours per Week : INR.12000
  • 250 Hours per Month : INR.75000

Contact Me!

Email: natrajsankaran@gmail.com

Skype: natrajs_1

Say "Hi!" even if you have no intentions of hiring me.
I would love to hear your challenging situation and offer any piece of advise from my own experiences and expertise (at no charges!).